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 Mother and Child Care

Kamla Hospital is a strong believer in the importance of access to the right quality of health care for expecting mothers. We give a trustworthy approach to care which includes comprehensive services, clinical excellence and an atmosphere of wellbeing. The targets for mother and child care are for all women especially for those belonging to the age group, 15- 49 years, school-age population, adolescents and children.

We have a wide range of equipment including neonatal positioning, maternal and fetal monitoring during pregnancy, calming and soothing solutions, and feeding and monitoring for the transition home, we help to supplement the lives of infants from the beginning. We always help you to establish a solid framework of care designed to nurture and support mother and baby in the best possible way.

Aim of the MCH Program in our hospital

  • To provide basic health care amenities.
  • To assess the existence, dissemination, and use of evidence-based guidelines in clinical practice.
  • To prevent infection and malnutrition among mothers and youngsters through education in health and nutrition.
  • To evaluate the audit and use of case reviews to enhance the quality of care.
  • To provide financial aid to the patient.
  • Understand the vastness of maternal health problems.
  • Understand the impact of maternal health and diseases of children, family and community.
  • To reduce the mortality rates.

At Kamla Hospital, we are committed to providing clinically proven development care solutions and services through every stage and we always believe that both mother and baby deserves the simplest treatment and care possible during pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy period and to ensure that our every patient receives the best facilities available we have dedicated doctors like Dr Jyoti Yadav, Dr Sarad Yadav(Pediatrician) who have proven experience in mother and child care.


Skin & Cosmetic

Nowadays Cosmetic procedures have been constantly increasing among both men and women and the problem is that we have little information available regarding the effects of cosmetic procedures on patient’s health and quality of life and fearing all the side effects people generally don’t go for such cosmetic surgery but we at Kamla Hospital traditionally focus on  reducing the complications and optimizing the physical outcome and quantifying patient’s satisfaction, therefore, making the treatment a successful one with cosmetic procedures.


As advancing technology has joined hands with medical expertise to give birth to a new trend in cosmetic treatments and with highly trained medical professionals like Dr Satish Yadav, Dr Anil and many more, we aim at providing you safety, satisfaction and results. We endeavour to provide you with the latest and evidence-based treatments in the world.



Kamla Hospital is at the forefront in providing the latest in orthopaedic treatments and surgical techniques under the guidance of specialised doctors like Dr Ashish Yadav, Dr Subhash Yadav.

Orthopaedic surgery is a branch of surgery that deals with the axial and appendicular skeleton and its related structures. There are several sub-areas including fractures, tumours, soft tissues processes, congenital, metabolic conditions and acquired conditions. Our team of highly experienced surgeons are supported by the most advanced medical equipment, imaging equipment and computer navigation. At the same time, Orthopaedics can be considered in terms of the structures with which it is primarily concerned.

Knowledge of the anatomy, pathology and physiology of these structures forms a starting point for studying the clinical aspects of the subject.


Key areas of Kamla Hospital


  • Develop an evidence-based framework for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
  • Focus on the impact of ageing on musculoskeletal health.
  • Treatment of patients presenting with musculoskeletal infection.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform an appropriate history and physical examination.
  • Painful Joint movements.
  • Routine and high-end surgeries.
  • Fractures.
  • Treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Treatment of compartment syndrome, joint dislocations, cauda equina syndrome and necrotizing fasciitis.

General Medicine

General Medicine is that discipline of drugs that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the interior organs without any involvement of surgery. Our general physicians consider the entire area of patient’s health and well being when providing care, including the emotional, psychological or physical effects of the patient’s condition and treatment. We have an extensive range of data on medical conditions and consider overall well-being when providing treatment. Our team is highly competent and senior consultants provide a range of services in the field of general medicine. All of our doctors care for patients with difficult, serious, unusual medical problems and continue to provide care to patients until these problems have stabilised or resolved. Our physicians give vivid communication to make sure that patients understand their diagnosis and are able to manage it appropriately without feeling stressed.


Surgical operations must satisfy three basic conditions:

  • the wound must be inflicted without pain;
  • haemorrhage must be arrested;
  • and the wound must heal.

It is especially the ability to ensure wound healing, by means of aseptic treatment, that has given impetus to modern surgery. Indeed, the necessity for asepsis regulates the conduct of surgeons, the “ritual” of operation, the form of instruments, and even hospital design and construction to such an extent that it is often taken for granted. Yet an understanding of the practical details of this system is imperative for any surgeon.
The general surgeon is trained to provide surgical care for the whole patient. This includes making a diagnosis; preoperative, operative and postoperative management of the patient; and the surgical treatment of the:

• alimentary tract;
• abdomen and its contents, including the pelvis;
• breast, skin and soft tissue; and
• endocrine system.
It includes head and neck surgery, pediatric surgery, surgical critical care, surgical oncology, trauma and burns, transplants and vascular surgery. The exact profile of a general surgeon’s practice may vary depending on whether the practice is in an academic centre, an urban community or a more rural centre.
With technical advances today, surgery does not necessarily mean large incisions, as in the past. Depending on the type of surgery, there are several surgery methods that may be performed:
• Open surgery – an “open” surgery means the cutting of skin and tissues so that the surgeon has a full view of the structures or organs involved. Examples of open surgery are the removal of the organs, such as the gallbladder or kidneys.
• Minimally invasive surgery – minimally invasive surgery is any technique involved in surgery that does not require a large incision. This relatively new approach allows the patient to recuperate faster with less pain. Not all conditions are suitable for minimally invasive surgery.
Many surgery techniques now fall under minimally invasive surgery:
• Laparoscopy
• Endoscopy
• Arthroscopy
• Bronchoscopy
• Cystoscopy
• Gastroscopy
• Hysteroscopy
• Laryngoscopy
• Sigmoidoscopy


Dental Care

The department of Dentistry at Kamla Hospital provides top-notch dental and oral health care services for children and adults with leading specialists. The doctors are known to have extensive dental training and to treat all dental problems with dedication, precision and efficiency with the clear objective to provide patient’s satisfaction and making it a pleasant experience for them. Under the guidance of experienced professionals like Dr Monica Sangwan, and many more, Kamla hospital provides various services and few are mentioned below:


  • Crowns& Bridges
  • Diagnosis and treatment of dental cavities.
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Smile Designing
  • Diagnosis and treatment of gum disease.
  • Apicoectomy
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Treatment of Root Canal
  • Surgeries include Dentoalveolar surgery, Orthognathic and periodontal.
  • Sedation and Paediatric Dentistry
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental fillings and Anaesthesia
  • Gum grafting

Physiotherapy is a health profession concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and disability through physical means. Physiotherapy is practiced by physiotherapists. Physiotherapy is a branch of rehabilitative health that uses specially designed exercises and equipment to help patients regain or improve their physical abilities. It is a distinct form of care which can be performed both in isolation or in conjunction with other types of medical management.
We at Kamla Hospital goal to enhance a life through improved health and fitness, by encouraging patients to take charge of the health and teaching techniques for recovery, pain relief, injury prevention, and improved physical movement. Our physiotherapist experts deal in different fields like manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and the application of electrophysical modalities.
We work with many types of patients, from infants born with musculoskeletal birth defects, to adults suffering from the backpain or the defects after injury, to elderly poststroke patients. We also work for sports people.