Health Problems in Pregnancy

Health Problems in Pregnancy

- October 13, 2021

There are several health problems that occur when a woman is pregnant. Being aware of these symptoms and receiving regular prenatal check-ups can help prevent illnesses and help seek treatment as early as possible.

Health problems may include a huge list while a woman is pregnant

Iron-deficiency Anemia- Anemia is when red blood cells (hemoglobin) have fallen below the normal range. Anemia caused by iron deficiency is the most frequent form of anemia. Iron is an element of hemoglobin, which allows blood to transport oxygen. Women who are pregnant require more iron than usual for the greater amount of blood within their bodies as well as for the development of their child.

Gestational diabetes- This is a type of diabetes that only occurs in a pregnant woman. Gestational diabetes usually occurs in the middle of pregnancy. Doctors usually check it between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy.

Depression and anxiety- Many people are familiar with the phase of ‘postpartum depression’ generally known as depression that occurs after the birth of a baby. Women experience depression and anxiety during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby. 

Fetal problems- This type of problem includes decreased movement after 28 weeks of pregnancy which is measured as smaller than normal. In these types of cases, it requires very close follow-ups and includes several testing such as ultrasound exams, non-stress testing, and many more that are required to understand the fetal problems.

High blood pressure related to pregnancy- High blood pressure is also a major concern while a woman is pregnant. Doctors continuously do screening for all these types of issues.

Infections- Infections are also some of the major concerns while a woman is pregnant as there are chances of getting infected from many types of STI(sexually transmitted infections) diseases and this may lead to many types of complications.  

Miscarriage- Pregnancy loss due to a natural problem before the 20th week is considered a miscarriage. Early spotting in pregnancy is common and does not mean that it is a miscarriage.

These are some of the common health problems that a pregnant woman faces while they are pregnant. In Kamla hospital, we take care of all the health problems that are related to women with all types of supportive care.

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